Barokksolistene 2012

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Barokksolistene 2011

7-27 March: Star Wars. An astrological trip to the stars and back to the harsh realities of earthly disputes.

The program combines music dealing with astrological issues from the Renaissance and Karl Heinz Stockhausen. Bjarte Eike and Barokksolistene has made the programme and Eike is leading the Ensemble MidtVest, Denmark in 8 concerts around Denmark. See the detailed schedule here!

5-9 April: “Via Dolorosa” Bach in Zamora Spain

Barokksolistene together with the fabolous tenor Nicholas “Sammy” Mulroy will perform a selection of arias, recitatives, sinfonias and chorals by J.S Bach – all intertwined and beautifully put together to form another look at the passion of Chris. This event in Spain will be the premiere and hopefully the start of a wonderful new collaboration and project that will lead to many more performances and recordings.

19-22 April: St.Matthew Passion in Bergen

The closest J.S Bach ever came to writing an opera. This incredibly dramatic work with double choir, double orchestra and soloists will be performed on Good Friday (22nd April) in Domkirken in Bergen. The colloaboration between Kjetil Almenning (conductor and domkantor), Barokksolistene, KorVest and Bergen Barokk will make it’s mark as a main event in Bergen this spring. It also marks the beginning of a more solid collaboration in Bergen with Domkirken as the main venue – a collaboration that will be based on high quality.

27 April-1 May: “Håndplukket Händel” – In other words

The Danish Radio’s Voval ensemble has a new musical director – Olof Boman – and he will mark his new position with a concert in Christianskirken Copenhagen on the 1st of May at 16:00. Barokksolistene has agreed to a 3-year collaboration with the Vocal ensemble starting in 2011 and will play this concert alongside fantastic soloists including Tuva Semmingsen, Isa Gericke and Anders J Dahlin. Event

2 May: The Alehouse session meets DR vokal

Our fab. alehouse session is being taylor-made for the DR vocalensemble – and this will be our first try-out.. somewhere in Copenhagen

13 May: The Alehouse session is back in Esbjerg!

The Esbergers have already learned to appreciate our Alehouse session. This time we present it in a new fashion, of course…

18 May-1 June: Xerxes by Händel with Den Ny Opera and Lars Ole Mathiasen

– in Esbjerg and The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen
5 performances, including two guest performances at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen (Gamle scene 31.5 and 1.6 at 20:00). Cast including Tuva Semmingsen and Klara Ek, stage director is Elisabeth Linton. See the details here Tickets can be bought here

Europe here we come again!This is our European Summer Tour 2011:

5 June: Stockholm Early Music Festival – The Early Joke

A brand new concept made by Bjarte Eike – the humour of 16th century Venice meets PDQ Bach, Biber and Telemann. Featuring I Fagiolini singing and playing kazzoo(!), Ole Kristian Andersen on mouthpiece and Alexis Kossenko on winebottle.

14 June: The Alehouse opens Festival Classique The Hague

Our debut in The Netherlands – 5 instruments, 3 singers and the fantastic dancer Steven Player will make sure it will be a night to remember! The event is here !!

15 June: Norwegian Embassy

The Norwegian ambassador in Holland is leaving and is therefor throwing a party with Vilde Frang and Barokksolistene performing.

23 June: Spitalfields Festival London

Our Beloved Alehouse is coming back to London! The very hip venue “Village Underground” is hosting us when we again join forces with our fantastic friends I Fagiolini and dancer Steven Player. The event is here!

25 June-1 July: West Cork Ireland

BarokkSolistene will participate in no less then 8 events during this highly interesting and renowned chamber music festival! BarSol will do our own concerts along with soloists like Maria Keohane and Dan Laurin. The festival’s website is here

2 July Kammarmusikfestivalen Stenungsund, Sweden

Alehouse again – we never get tired of it (because it always changes and develops of course…!) If you want to see us on the boarder between Norway and Sweden – read more here

7 July Copenhagen Jazzfestival

BarSol taking part in a big outdoor event at the all so legendary Copenhagen Jazzfestival. We’ll be part of our friends Fredrik Lundin and TrineLise Værings knock-out-power-project “Offpiste Gurus Extreme”. Check it out here

9 July Copenhagen Jazzfestival2- “Oh Purity”

The fantastic, awarded project that had it’s debut at Copenhagen Jazzhouse in november 2010 is back at the festival! We are excited to once again join forces with TrineLise Væring, Jonas Berg and Johannes Lundberg! Can’t wait! Read more here

11-16 August: Magnetic tour in Norway

BarSol and Bjarte Eike joins Jon Balke, Helge Nordbakken, Per Jørgensen, Håvard Lund and strings from LINN in North Norway to perform Balke’s Magnetic Book. First stop is Finmark, then Eldbjørg Raknes’ lovely Sjøbygda and ending in Oslo for the Oslo Jazzfestival. More info on the tour here

4 Sptember: “The image of Melancholy” in Copenhagen

Bjarte’s latest concept-idea has it’s debut in Kastelskirken, Copenhagen at 14.00.. we’ll see what we play, but it is going to be beautful!

11 september: Celebrating Kongsberg Kirke’s 250 aniversary

We are excited to be back in the incredible church in Kongsberg! Olof Boman, Isa Gericke, Tine Thing Helseth, DR vokalensemblet will all be there – together with BarokkSolistene and Bjarte Eike (of course)



Gloger Festival, Kongsberg 25-31 jan

4-5 concerts including one Alehouse session, one concert with virtuosic Italian concerti and one performance of the opera «Il Primo Omicidio» by Alessandro Scarlatti The event

5 Feb: Palladium Barock festival Malmö

Baroque Jamsession under the direction of Bjarte Eike The event

24th March: An Alehouse session

at the new series called Resonanskonserter in Gjøvik, Norway. Resonanskonserter

10 April: Early Music Live! on Nybrokajen Stockholm

An Alehouse Session The event

15-26 april Esbjerg: La Finta Giardinera (Mozart)

in collaboration with Den Ny Opera (Lars Ole Mathiasen) 4 performances. Den Ny Opera
Alehouse session in Esbjerg (date to be announced)

16 May: Lufthansa festival in London

Monteverdi Ballo Ingrate etc with I Fagiolini The festival

11-20 June: Vestfoldfestspillene

Ten concerts including Siwan at Bølgen in Larvik, the opera La serva Padrona by Pergolesi at Jarsberg Hovedgård, Mariavesper by Pergolesi (first time in Norway), house-concerts with the “Gulliver-duo” and a new concert-mass by the spanish composer Cererrols under the direction of Andrew Lawrence-King. The festival program is here

23-29 June: Sommersymfoni Valdres

Summer academy for young talented string players from around the world. This is the first time they want a baroque focus and Bjarte Eike is the central figure – bringing Barokksolistene. Besides teaching, 3-4 concerts will include virtuosic Italian program and Alehouse session.

17 July: Shared Sounds Festival at Radialsystem V, Berlin

An alehouse session at the Shared Sounds festival in Berlin see the festival here

31 July: Siwan at “Wege Durch das Land”

Detmold, Germany hosts one of the biggest literature-festivals in the world. Program here

26 Aug: «Travelling with Gulliver to an English Alehouse»

programme specially designed for the international conference for studies of the Enlightenment with the theme: “Joy and Laughter in the 18th Century” in Kolding Denmark.

12 Sep: Music from the film «Antichrist»

Barokksolistene and the mezzosporano Tuva Semmingsen made the soundtrack for Lars von Triers controversial film Antichrist, and the film company, Zentropa will host a concert with the players and the singer in Kastelskirken in Copenhagen

13-17 sep: 3 concerts at the Trigonale festival

in Klagenfurt, Austria – programmes including «Welcome to all the pleasures», a tribute to H. Purcell with I Fagiolini and An Alehouse session. Here’s the programme!

26.Sept: The first murder!

The Opera by Scarlatti “il Primo Omicidio” at Kristiansund Church music festival. A repeat of the succefull production at Kongsberg earlier in 2010. With Olof Boman as musical director

29.Oct: An Alehouse Session in Varberg Sweden

Varberg Castle and museum attracts visitors from all over the world and at the end of october they host an intimate music festival where we will be participating with our beloved Alehouse project. The concert is at 19.00 in the restaurant “Borggården”. Event

6.nov: “Oh Purity”: a Wundergrund event at Copenhagen Jazzhouse

The Wundergrund Festival is a place where musicians from different genres meet and play at often unusual places – unique meetings for both the musicans and the audiences! “Oh Purity” is a project with music by the fabolous Danish jazz – and pop-singer Trine-Lise Væring and the Swedish pianist/composer Jonas Berg. Barokksolistene joins with 4 string players an obo and a bassoon…21.00 at the legendary Copenhagen Jazzhouse. Event

7-10 Nov: “Requiem at the Sun King’s court”

Collaboration with the Danish Radio vocalensemble and Fredrik Malmberg.  Music by Campra and Gavin Bryars. 9th Nov at 19.30 in Copenhagen (place still to be announced) and 10th in Sankt Mariæ church, Elsinor

26-28 Nov: Christmas Concert

in collaboration with Gjøvik Sinfonietta

1 Dec: Alehouse in Narvik

This year’s last Alehouse session will be in Narvik, North-Norway in collaboration with the wonderful MiN ensemble.

11-12 Dec: Bach Christmas Oratorio part 1,3,5 and 6 in Denmark

Together with our great friend and collaborator from the Operaproductions in Esbjerg, Lars Ole Mathiasen, we will do Bach’s famous and fantastic Christmas Oratorio. In Esbjerg (Gjesing Kirke) at 17.00 on the 11th and in Haslev Kirke (outside Copenhagen) at 15.00 on the 12th.

18 Dec: Bach Magnificat

in the Swedish Church in Oslo (Margaretakyrkan)