October 15, 2017

Photos from Barokksolistene's post

So, we're back in Europe! We're going to throw in a little party here in Cork, before hurricane Ophelia hits Ireland tomorrow..

October 13, 2017

Thank you America! What a fantastic tour we had! We'll be back...

October 12, 2017

The Violin Channel

Fantastic experience at the SubCulture club in NYC last night - Minnesota here we come

Feeling very downtown cool this evening at New York's SubCulture for a beer and 'Alehouse Session' with Baroque violinist, Bjarte Eike - and the Barokksolistene. Thirst-quenching look into the music ... See more

October 11, 2017


Check us out

Grab your headphones and get ready to do some dancing at your desk. Norwegian baroque violinist Bjarte Eike and his ensemble Barokksolistene are in our studio to play some tunes off their new album, ... See more

October 11, 2017


We are live on WQXR in 3 hours (13.00 in New York, 19.00 in Europe). And it is filmed and streamed in real time, so you can all check us out live... stay tuned!

Classical New York. Music is our passion.

Listen at 105.9 FM | | WQXR mobile app

Twitter: @WQXR

October 10, 2017

Photos from Barokksolistene's post

Fantastic few days in Washington DC!
Sold out alehouse INSIDE the cathedral - with beer and hot dogs!! Then a great recording session at the legendary studios of Sirius XM and another concert at the ... See more

October 7, 2017

The Alehouse Sessions

See you soon Edinburgh!

The Alehouse Sessions – curated and devised by Bjarte Eike – is an ever changing and evolving insight into the music of the English 17th Century tavern. It gives audiences a window into this ... See more

October 4, 2017


We're in USA! Princeton tomorrow and Chicago the day after are both sold out, but if you're in Philadelphia on the 10th or NYC on the 11th there are still tickets!

Early music peeps! Big thanks to WWFM - The Classical Network host David Osenberg who turns in a great interview with violinist Bjarte Eike talking about touring the "Alehouse Sessions" (out now on ... See more

October 4, 2017

The Alehouse Sessions @ SubCulture, NYC

September 26, 2017

Here are the details for our autumn tour:

October 5th: 6pm and 9.30pm Princeton University Concerts - Woolworth Center, Princeton, USA

October 6th : 7.30pm University of Chicago Presents –

October 8th: 6.30pm Washington
National Cathedral, Washington DC, USA

October 9th: TBC Washington DC

October 10th: 8pm World Cafe, Philadelphia, USA

October 11th: 7.30pm SubCulture, New York, USA

October 12th: 7.30pm Schubert Club International Artist Serie, St Paul, Minnesota, USA

October 15th: 6.30pm East Cork Early Music Festival, Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, Ireland

October 26th : 8pm St Cecilia’s Hall, Edinburg, Scotland

October 27th: 10pm St Andrews Voices Festival, St Salvator’s Dining Room, University of St Andrews, Scotland

October 29th : 2pm and 6.30 pm Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, London, England ... See more

September 25, 2017


We're preparing for our U.S. debut in October! Watch out for us in Princeton 5th, Chicago 6th, Washington DC 8th and 9th, Philadelphia 10th, NYC 11th and St.Pauls (MA) 12th!

Introducing The Alehouse Boys!
music: The Shaalds o´Foula - trad. Shetland Tune

September 19, 2017

Photos from Barokksolistene's post

Rather cool playlist to be part of (BBC 6) - we are the "traditional" 😉

September 14, 2017

The Alehouse Sessions: 
works by Playford, Purcell, O’Carolan and Traditional

The prestigious magazine "The Strad" recommends the alehouse sessions recording in this month's issue! Fantastic review (again)!!

This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are ... See more

September 11, 2017

Photos from Barokksolistene's post

Had some excellent concerts in Germany! 4 concerts in Stuttgart and Hannover area - all sold out! Happy times! USofA coming up in about a month...

August 31, 2017

Photos from Barokksolistene's post

***** In this month's issue of Songlines magazine - THE magazine on world music! And we're on their pick of the month (free cd if you buy the printed issue)!!
Top reviews around the world from ... See more

August 24, 2017

The Alehouse Sessions: Traditional Tunes and Arrangements |

OK! This is from Gramophone Magazine...what a fantastic review!
"Bjarte Eike’s Barokksolistene is an alchemical miracle of an ensemble, a collective of virtuosos whose instinctive, playful ... See more

There are some things you just can’t fake. The chemistry of a group is one of those – the sparks of musical energy that fly when certain artists collide. Bjarte Eike’s Barokksolistene is an ... See more

August 22, 2017

PIAS Classics USA

Beach boys indeed! Great review though 😎

Surf's up for Bjarte Eike and Barokksolistene "The vocal harmonies ... approach Beach Boys heights. Joyous." #AlehouseSessions @bjeik #Barokksolistene @artsdesk Out now ... See more

August 21, 2017

Hør de forbudte toner - fra dengang musikere måtte skjule violinen under jakken

Album of the week on danish radio!

I årevis måtte musikere snige sig rundt i gaderne med deres instrumenter gemt godt af vejen under frakken.

August 17, 2017

Bjarte EIKE & Barokksolistene – The Alehouse Session – Rubicon

A fantastically thorough and well written review from Audiophile magazine in the US.
"In short, this is a brilliant outing by a super-talented group...a recording not to be missed."
Rubicon Classics

Bjarte EIKE & Barokksolistene – The Alehouse Session – Rubicon 1017, 54:03 (6/23/17) ****: A playful tribute to the engaging world of 17th-century English tavern music infused with …

July 27, 2017

RONDO - Das Klassik & Jazz Magazin

Top marks from Rondo music magazine for the alehouse album! They've really caught up on us doing our own "Frisch" arrangements (thank you)
" so spritzig und gehaltvoll wie ein frischgezapftes ... See more

Rondo - Das Klassik- und Jazzmagazin. Mit wöchentlich aktualisierter Neuerscheinungsübersicht und Fernsehprogramm (Klassik und Jazz).

July 26, 2017

Photos from Barokksolistene's post

We had a quick summer stop in the Italian alps, playing the fantastic Siwan!. Back to summer-resting before we hit it off again in august/sept/oct/nov.. Jon Balke Siwan photos: Gaetano Lo Presti

July 3, 2017

Photos from Barokksolistene's post

The Alehouse boys finished the second part of the summer tour last night in front of 600 ecstatic people!
We did Harstad, st.Michaelstein and Rheingau. All concerts completely sold out and rave ... See more

June 23, 2017

Timeline Photos

For all Norwegians / Scandinavians: visited our Bush Hall concert in London earlier this month.

June 22, 2017

Barokksolistene - dancing, chanting, craft beer and unimpeachable virtuosity

Read the big feature about The Alehouse Sessions in The Guardian!

Norwegian violinist Bjarte Eike mixes period-performance with alehouse singalongs to exhilarating effect. Who cares what label you give this music?

June 19, 2017

Rubicon Classics

BBC loves our album too..

'It could be the most musical fun you'll have all week' Andrew MacGregor, BBC Radio 3 Record Review - The Alehouse Sessions - Andrew is right! It is terrific fun and great music making. Music that ... See more

June 16, 2017

Presto Editor's Choices - June 2017 - Presto Classical

Reviews for the album starting to come in. Editors chioce in presto classical uk ☺️
Rubicon Classics

Presto Classical offers classical music cds, opera CDs, SACDs & DVDs for purchase online with worldwide shipping.

June 12, 2017

A joyous evening of music and mischief at the Salisbury Festival, plus all of June 2017's best classical concerts

The Telegraph gave us a five star review after our performance in Salisbury on saturday. Come join us tonight for for some Ale and good music at Bush Hall in London.

We review the best classical concerts of the month

June 11, 2017

Photos from Barokksolistene's post

The Alehouse Boys were heavily featured in the BBC this weekend: Friday at InTune, BBC3 (listen at 1:25:00) and Sunday at Cerys Matthews Show, BBC6 (listen at

And there's still a few tickets left to our show at Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush, London tomorrow (Monday) at 7.30.

Johannes Lundberg Thomas Guthrie Steven Player Bjarte Eike Bjarte Eike Per T Buhre Fredrik Bock Cerys Matthews Rubicon Classics ... See more